Onion Creek Lodge has been involved in the South Austin Community for decades. This is because Onion Creek shared its lodge building with Pleasant Hill Elementary school since the mid 1800s, until it was annexed by Austin Independent School District. You can read more about this early relationship HERE.

Freemasonry is not a charitable organization, nor is it a community organization. We are a Fraternity, or Brotherhood, first and foremost, providing an environment for men on the path of self-improvement to surround themselves with others and use their examples as a guide for their own journey. However, some Masons feel called to engage their communities in a variety of ways. Masonry allows them to find other like-minded men to help them make an impact.

Texas Freemasonry values education, especially for children, and many lodges have partnered with their local schools, providing them support. The relationship that Onion Creek Lodge and Pleasant Hill Elementary school has is special and long-lasting. OCL has provided support to PHE by raising money for 5th Grade Scholarships and Mirabeau B. Lamar Awards, to purchase needed supplies, and organized the Fantastic Teeth Program – which provides dental care kits to local Austin kids who need them, including Pleasant Hill. Onion Creek also raises money for scholarships for Seniors at Crockett High School, also located in South Austin.

We present our high school Scholarships at an Open Meeting, on one of our Stated Meeting nights, and several Masons ‘host’ the visiting recipient and their family. The mason introduces them during the presentation and reads their scholastic history and achievements. This meeting, and the dinner preceding, is open to family, friends, and guests.

Onion Creek Lodge also recognizes non-Masons who do great work in the South Austin Community. We recognize these folks every year with a Community Builder Award. This award, like student scholarships is awarded at an Open Meeting on our regular Stated Meeting nights. Friends and Family are invited to attend the dinner and meeting to recognize our honored guest.