The Beacon - January 2009

In and about the Lodge:

   Cindy and I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We welcome Bro. Forest Cruse who affiliated with us on the 11th of December.  Also we welcome Bro. Ron Moreau who comes to us from Iowa Park Lodge 713, Iowa Park, TX.  When you meet them please introduce yourself and make them feel at home.  Bro. Moreau is already helping out with the hospital volunteers and Bro. Cruse is an active member in Hill City Lodge #456, The Ben Hur Transporters Club and many other Masonic orginzations. These fine men are definiteley assets to our lodge and the Masonic fraternity.

   Although we did not collect funds for our annual Christmas program we had a surplus left over from last year.  Those funds (approx. $470.00) will be used to purchase items needed for Pleasant Hill Elementary School.

   At our January Meeting and if all goes according to plan we should elect one person to receive his Entered Apprentice Degree which is tentatively set for the 12th of January.  We will confer a MM degree on the 19th of January and we have two other FCs who are close to taking their proficiency examinations.

   Brethren, if you get a chance, visit our new website at  Masonic law forbids me from publishing an EAs name, but he and one of our new members, Raul Scully got us back up and running.  Brethren we thank you very much!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,


Prayer List:

   The following brothers or a member of their family were reported ill or recovering from medical treatments.  Brethren if you get a chance send them a card or call them to let them know we are thinking of them.  Call the Secretary for phone numbers or addresses.

Howard Long
 Tom Richardson
Jack Hurt
 Scotty Birrell
Howard Crain
 Gene Sassman
Donnie Carter
 Randy Martin
Cecil Goodwin
 Ken Wood
Webb Woodland Donna Mehlhaff
Charles and Jean Ridenour
Dick Frazer (Nursing Home in Lockhart)

January Food Committe:

Co-Chariman: Buddy Wilson (892-0814) and Howard Park (312-1108)

Members: Mike Owens, Joe Park, Robert Park Sr, Freddie Park, Richard Park, Lloyd Robertson, Raul Scully, and Kenneth Smith.  Food committee members are requested to contact the chairman for further information.


Sausage, cole slaw, desert and assorted condiments.

   Brethren, as you can see from the short list this Food Committee could use more help.  Please consider signing up for one of the twelve food committees.  Call the secretary and get your name placed on a volunteer list.  Most committees ask each committee member for a donation of between 10 and 15 bucks - pay for one meal and get the other 11 free.  Not a bad deal.

Another Reminder:

   We thank those members who have already sent in their 2009 Dues.  Our dues are still $45.00 per year and are payable on or before the 31st day of December each year.  When paying your dues, please consider adding a buck to pay the dues of a less fortunate brother.  The Add-A-Buck program is strictly voluntary.  Use the envelope that was included in the October issue of the BEACON.  If you misplaced the envelope send your dues to the Secretary at 6003 Broken Spoke, Austin, TX 78744-3516.  Also, please be advised that  your dues are not tax deductible.  We still have over 120 members who have not paid their 2009 dues.  Please check your card - It should read "Dues paid through 12/31/2009".

South Austin Hospital Volunteers for November 2008:

Allen Deaver (x2), Glen Broddrick, Walter Boyd (x2), Linda Boyd, Norm Hayes, Carl & Jeanine Robinson (x2), H. Max Fisher (x3), George & Cynthia Henry, Roland Brown, Bobby Tiner (x3), Charles Ridenour, Dwane Ideker, Daniel Andrade, Ron Moreau, and Charles Jennings (x2).  These volunteers are to be commended for their time and dedication to this program.  We need to get more involved to ease their load.  Please call our Chairman, Allen Deaver at (512) 791-4543 and volunteer for this community program.  Your can make a difference.

   Brethren, received the following item from Bro. John Lewis who is currently residing in Florida.  It is a copy of an article which was published in the Further Light, Florida Lodge of Research.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Be a leader, Make a Difference

   Brethren, being a new writer that has no experience and am going to try to put my feelings out to you.  I understand the Lodge is not a political sounding board.

   In case we haven't started to notice our fraternity has started to decline.  We were a sought after group.  Men were doing everything they could to join us, now some lodges can't fill their chairs.  Maybe it's time for us to look back and what went wrong.

   The brothers that came over on the Mayflower wanted a simpler life away from England and its harsh rules, so they came to America and the new world to set to the task of doing what needed to be done.  We wrote a constitution that would be the code we lived by and rules and regulations that we would live with.  But over the years we have gone into a very steady decline, higher taxes, food and gasoline that are priced out of this world.

   Young men who would have joined us but now have to work two jobs to make ends meet don't have the tie for us now.

   The best years we had as a nation were when we had masonic Presidents, the last being Gerald Ford.

   We as Free and Accepted masons need to get strong again and start helping to get things on the right path.We need to search out those Masons that can help turn this country around were GOD is welcome again in our schools, our Federal Buildings that as Masons we were taught not to start on any Great or Important undertaking without the blessing of the Great Architect of the Universe.  I am waiting for the day we stand up in lodge and someone says we can't pledge allegiance to the Flag or invoke the blessings of Deity.  I myself am very tired of people from other countries telling me that they are right and we wrong.  Where do people get off telling us that we are wrong about religion, prayer, and prayer that we were founded on and that's what we should stick to and tell them that it's our country and that's the way it's going to be - like it or not.

    Brethren, it is time to put our hands back on the Bible as we did during our obligation and bring this circus to a halt and clear the rings and go back to our roots and get this country back where it belongs.  Or Brethren are we headed as a group that will not survive.  There will never be a new Temple raised from the depths of the old so help us God and keep us steadfast. (Patrick E Marrs, Tapron Lodge 112, Tarpon Springs, FL)

Moving?? Please notify the Secretary of your new address and phone number.

From the Secretary:

   Brethren, I need your help in locating a few of our members who have moved and have not provided a forwarding address.  If you know the whereabouts of Brothers Hunter S. Arend, Alfred R Bell II, Mack Gerald, Frank C, Hankins, Charles E. Ruebbling, Leopoldo G. Velazquez, or Bradley Watson please call me at 443-1202 or e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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