The Beacon - December 2008

In and about the lodge:      

      It’s been a little slow around the “Creek” lately.   But I guess that is to be expected with the holidays and such. Speaking of the holidays, we hope you had a good Thanksgiving and will have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And if you have to get out on the streets please drive carefully and be safe.  There are a lot of crazies out there.    

     I want to take this opportunity to thank some members who are always at the lodge when the doors are open – ready to instruct our new candidates in the various degrees. Please forgive me if I forget someone’s name.  Thanks to:  JW Tony Ramirez, SD Dennis J Ross, Jr PM Mike Sanders, newly raised MM Raul J Scully, PM Gene Sanders and PM Joe Seguin.     

     I hate to keep harping on these subjects but we need more volunteers for Masonic Funeral services, Food Committees and our Hospital Volunteer Program.  If you can help out on any of these, please call the secretary at 443-1202 and get your name on a volunteer list(s).     

     Its hard to believe that almost half of my term has elapsed.  At our future meetings we will present H Max Fisher with his Golden Trowel Award, present 25 and 40 year awards and honor our past masters.  Stay tuned for updates.     

     By the time you read this our Grand Lodge Annual Communication will be history.  Will report changes and any other pertinent information that came about.    

Until next time.         

Fair Winds and Following Seas, 


Prayer List:

      The following brothers or a member of their family were reported ill or recovering from medical treatments. Brethren if you get a chance send them a card or call them to let them know we are thinking of them. Call the secretary for phone numbers/addresses.

Howard Long    Tom Richardson    Jack Hurt    Scotty Birrell    Howard Crain    Gene Sassman   Donnie Carter   

Randy Martin    Cecil Goodwin    Ken Wood    Webb Woodland    Charles & Jean Ridenour   

Dick Frazer (Nursing home in Lockhart) 

December Food Committee:  

     Co-Chairmen Bill Lear  and Gene Sanders  Members: Daniel Barber, Omar Chavez, Greg Johnson, Leo Morales, Bobby Norris, Gordon Powell, Jim Keese, Jonathan Ramirez, Mike Sanders, Randy Storm, Marco Valadez, John Waggoner and Jim Younger.  Food committee members are requested to contact the chairman for further information.  The menu will be:  Turkey with all the fixins’.  This is a Family Nite.      Please consider signing up for one of the twelve food committees.  Call the secretary and get your name placed on a volunteer list.  Most committees ask each committee member for a donation of between 10 and 15 bucks – pay for one meal and get the other 11 free.  Not a bad deal. 

Another reminder:  

     We thank those members who have already sent in their 2009 dues.   Our dues are still $45.00 per year and are payable on or before the 31st day of December each year. When paying your dues, please consider adding a buck to pay the dues of a less fortunate brother.  The Add-A-Buck program is strictly voluntary.  Use the envelope that was included in the October issue of the BEACON. If you misplaced the envelope send your dues to the Secretary at 6003 Broken Spoke, Austin, TX 78744-3516.  Also, please be advised that your dues are not tax deductible. We still have over 150 members who have not paid their 2009 dues.  Please check your card – It should read “Dues paid through 12/31/2009”. 

South Austin Hospital Volunteers for October 2008:  

     Allen Deaver (x3), Glen Broddrick,  Walter Boyd,  Norm Hayes (x2), Carl & Jeanine Robinson (x3), H Max Fisher (x2), George & Cynthia Henry (x2) Roland Brown (x2) and Charles Jennings (x2).  These volunteers are to be commended for their time and dedication to this program. We need to get more involved to ease their load.   Please call our Chairman, Allen Deaver  and volunteer for this community program. You can make a difference.       

A Few Points on Masonic Protocol:

     Protocols generally are defined as a "strict adherence to correct etiquette and precedence", the "Rules of Etiquette of the Diplomatic Corps", or simply rules of conduct to be observed in social or official situations. Masonic protocol is therefore the rules or guidelines for conduct becoming a good Mason in both social and official circumstances. Breaches of Masonic protocol generally are a reflection of lack of common sense, courtesy, or understanding of the traditions of the Craft.
     Most members of Lodges know and understand the "Last" speaker tradition. It is a matter of respect given the principal speaker, whether at an open or tiled meeting. Such recognition is especially important if the speaker is the Grand Master, a District Deputy Grand Master, or other officers of Grand Lodge. Good manners and polite consideration of the leaders of our Fraternity reflect upon our Lodge and our Craft.
     Ritualistic titles, such as "Most Worshipful", Right Worshipful", or "Brother" should never be used in public non-Masonic events for the general public does not understand their ritualistic meanings or the tradition associated with them. Coming from earlier times in England and France, these titles often create misunderstanding and confusion among the current public. Within the Lodge they are rightfully understood and show respect and Brotherly affection.
     A similar situation exists when using the written or spoken word in the public arena. In the public non-Masonic functions, one should simplify ritualistic titles to show both politeness and courtesy, but at Masonic events we always use appropriate titles. Respect for the office is both a tradition and an obligation of a Brother to our fraternal leaders. All Lodge members should occasionally review the "Monitor of the Lodge", or the DDGM's "Handbook" for the proper guidelines of conduct. Presentation of Grand Lodge Officers and the Grand Master, along with introduction of others are important examples of our protocol and its traditions.
     Within the Lodge a Mason always rises to his feet when addressed by the presiding officer or is addressing the Lodge. This includes discussion, motions, seconds, or reports. Even the Grand Master rises to his feet when addressed by the presiding officer of a Lodge. Signs are not a part of these actions, but are reserved for other Lodge activities. Protocol requires addressing the presiding officer first, and then others, when wishing to speak in the Lodge.
     Courtesy and respect are a vital part of Masonic decorum and civility. The Worshipful Master is considered the resource on all Masonic matters and is the example of Masonic protocol for the Lodge. His model should be the model for his Lodge, but likewise the Brothers should understand that good manners, politeness, courtesy, and respect are for all the Craft. Freemasonry is built upon two watchwords: "Do unto others as you wish they would do unto you" and "You are someone's image of Masonry".
     Each Mason should be Masonic in his actions at all times and guard both himself and his Brothers from breaches of conduct and protocol. Tradition and our Fraternity expect no less.

Moving?? Please notify the secretary of your new address and phone number.  


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